Video Tutorials

Setting up selenium-cucumber

Setting up project

Example – Gmail Login

How to use  Navigation Steps

How to use  Assertion Steps

How to use  Input Steps

How to use  Click Steps

How to use  Progress Steps

How to use  JavaScript Handling Steps

How to use  Screenshot Step

How to use Image Assertion Steps.


12 Responses to Video Tutorials

  1. Craig says:

    Is there a way to get a value from a text field or any element and save it to a variable?


  2. avanish says:

    This is very useful and strong understanding videos. Now i have started my learning work Selenium-cucumber but unfortunate, getting an error message while executing the program.
    *** WARNING: You must use ANSICON 1.31 or higher ( to get coloured output on Windows Unable to find Mozilla geckodriver. Please download the server from and place it somewhere on your PATH. More info at

    After that i have installed ANSICON using D:\Cucumber\Ansicon\x64>ansicon -i commend.
    but according to your video, I am stuck . Please suggest how to proceed my code.

    Please do the needful.


  3. avanish says:

    Can you please also provide the link from where i can find all required prerequisite.Actually i am confused like what files are available in cucumber folder which you putting in Subline- Preference.
    Currently i have the following installation files :
    1) rubyinstaller-2.3.3
    2) Sublime Text Build 3126 x64 Setup
    3) DevKit-tdm-32-4.5.2-20111229-1559-sfx
    4) Ansicon\x64


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