Video Tutorials

Setting up selenium-cucumber

Setting up project

Example – Gmail Login

How to use  Navigation Steps

How to use  Assertion Steps

How to use  Input Steps

How to use  Click Steps

How to use  Progress Steps

How to use  JavaScript Handling Steps

How to use  Screenshot Step

How to use Image Assertion Steps.


12 Responses to Video Tutorials

  1. Rufat says:

    Seems very useful, but I can’t use canned steps on my features.
    I create feature files and type predefined steps, but all steps are not defined. Step definition files, provided on your library, unreachable for my .feature file.
    Any idea why this happens?
    I’m using RubyMine 7


  2. Umair says:

    the videos are very helpful. I’m trying to use pre-defined steps for dropdown list and unable to pass the test. Can you please help me on that.

    e.g I’m trying to select a state and value is CO, Im trying to use
    I select “(CO)” option by value from dropdown having xpath “(.*?)”

    but its giving me an error saying that the value you are putting does not exist.

    Please help.

    If you can a video for the dropdown list.. it will be of great help. Thanks!


  3. rajesh says:

    Hi Sameer,

     Seems to very promising. Thanks for your efforts in sharing ur knowledge. Sameer, Iam planning to build up - selenium - cucumber with java project for automation. Do u have expereince in cucumber-java also.
      Sameer, can you share your number to reach you. I am Sydney, Australia. Please share your details so that I can speak some thing may benefit you. My email id is



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