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Windows Desktop App Automation using Selenium-Cucumber

The very first thing will come in your mind when you read the title is WHAT ??? Then Is it possible ??? Are you sure??? Selenium and windows desktop??? But, Yeah . . . We are introducing Windows Desktop App automation using … Continue reading

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Selenium 3.0 & Gecko Driver

If you recently updated to selenium version 3.0 then you may face issue for lunching Firefox browser. Like other browsers you have to use driver for Firefox as well if you are using selenium version 3.0 and above. Mozilla has released … Continue reading

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Make your automation script more Readable! Meaningful! Maintainable!

Just writing automation script with predefined steps is not enough! It will be easy to write but difficult to understand and maintain in near future. Let’s take example of Facebook Sign-In. Feature: Facebook Sign-In As a user I should able … Continue reading

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Selenium-Cucumber : A Funny Situation

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selenium-cucumber Ruby – How it works?

  “.feature” file contain different testing scenarios and steps written in simple English language (Gherkin language). You can write “Predefined Steps” and “Custom Steps” in “.feature” file. Code for Predefined Steps already written in “selenium-cucumber lib” so you do not have to … Continue reading


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Selenium-Cucumber Using JAVA

Coming Soon…

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