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I am postgraduate in computer science from pune university. Working as QA Engineer in an IT company.

Selenium 3.0 & Gecko Driver

If you recently updated to selenium version 3.0 then you may face issue for lunching Firefox browser. Like other browsers you have to use driver for Firefox as well if you are using selenium version 3.0 and above. Mozilla has released … Continue reading

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Practice is key to success…

Now you can do practice, try snippets on our sample test-page.

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Make your automation script more Readable! Meaningful! Maintainable!

Just writing automation script with predefined steps is not enough! It will be easy to write but difficult to understand and maintain in near future. Let’s take example of Facebook Sign-In. Feature: Facebook Sign-In As a user I should able … Continue reading

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Selenium-Cucumber : Test-Case Verification Steps

Just executing test-case is not worthy, It need to be verified that changes has been reflected or not in-order to make it pass or fail. E.g. If tester enters wrong password on login page it should show error message and … Continue reading

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Selenium-Cucumber : Why? What? How?

Selenium-Cucumber : Why ? This platform of selenium-cucumber is like a boon, especially for ruby lovers. To make your life easier with minimal coding and more of testing, here is a chance for you to try interesting stuff with selenium-cucumber. Also … Continue reading

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selenium-cucumber : Image Comparing Steps

Now easily compare images/logos from website under test using Image Assertion Steps Pass appropriate locator of “actual image” and URL of “expected images” (which you can store on some server) to following steps to compare images/logos from testing website : Then actual image having id … Continue reading

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Selenium-Cucumber : A Funny Situation

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selenium-cucumber Ruby – How it works?

  “.feature” file contain different testing scenarios and steps written in simple English language (Gherkin language). You can write “Predefined Steps” and “Custom Steps” in “.feature” file. Code for Predefined Steps already written in “selenium-cucumber lib” so you do not have to … Continue reading

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Selenium-Cucumber Using JAVA

Coming Soon…

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